About National Herb Week


Herb Week is an annual event in Ireland celebrating herbs and herbal medicine. There will be a coordinated series of public events taking place throughout the week aimed at educating and sharing ideas about the importance of herbs and their health benefits. These events are run by qualified herbalists and offer the public a chance to find out more about what a herbalist does, how herbs can be used to treat a myriad of health issues and how to find a herbalist in their area. Events include herb walks, workshops, herb talks, clinic open days, special discounts and much more.

2017 marks the third year of Herb Week in Ireland and we hope it gives you some insight into the wonderful world of herbal medicine while being educational, practical and fun!

Herb Week was established in 2015 by The Irish Register of Herbalists, a professional association for traditional herbalists in Ireland. Their vision for this event was to engage with the public and to call attention to the professionalism and expertise of herbal practitioners in Ireland. 

New Initiatives Launched During Herb Week

The grand opening of a Physic Garden in St. Anne’s Park, Dublin 7

St. Anne’s Physic Garden is a garden designed to showcase medicinal herbs and was conceived of and created by The Irish Register of Herbalists and Dublin City Council. It officially opened its doors to the public during Herb Week 2015. Read more here

The Herb Patch

Herb Week 2015 also saw the beginning of an exciting pilot project in association with national schools around Ireland. The Herb Patch aims to bring a herb garden into schools and to teach schoolchildren about caring for and using simple, safe herbs. Read more here


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